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    Anger Management

    Introduction: Anger is a temper tantrum on the adult no less than it is in a child. The only difference is the goal. The child wants an ice cream cone The adult’s wants a ………. Anger is an emotion we all experience. It is a feeling ranging from mild irritation to intense fury. Anger takes

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    Our Lavish Weddings

    A few weeks ago during the routine ward round at the hospital, I was asked to examine Mr H. He was a 50 years old man who was admitted to the psychiatry department following a suicide attempt in which he tried to drown himself in a nearby canal. During the interview with me he broke

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    Divorce and its Aftermath

    There is increase in the rate of divorce. According to the statisticians the rate suggests that 40-50% of newly married couples will divorce in the next ten years. One in four people live alone. There is escalation in the single-parent families. 60% of all children born in the 1990s will spend some time in a

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    Assertiveness is upholding one’s own integrity and dignity while at the same time encouraging, and recognizing this behavior in others. Assertive people are confident & direct in dealing with others. Types of Behavior: Aggressive Assertive Passive (non- assertive) Keeping a Balance                Non Assertive             When we put all the needs of others before our own.                 Aggressive                  When

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