Mind Organization

Mind Organization is a non-government, non-profit charity organization working to achieve high standards of mental health care for the psychiatric patients especially in peripheral areas of Pakistan. Mind Organization is also working to promote awareness about mental health issues to reduce stigma attached to it.

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An Overview

According to the estimates by World Health Organization, there are over 14 millions people in Pakistan suffering from mild to severe mental disorders. Since most of our population dwells in rural areas, where psychiatric facilities are almost non-existent, this major segment is deprived of any form of modern psychiatric care. The only hope then, for the unfortunate mentally ill people concentrated in rural areas is to turn towards quacks or pseudo-religious experts who try to treat the patient by employing harsh and painful methods like blood letting, chaining and body scalding etc.

Our Projects

Mind is a welfare organization currently providing its services in the following tribal areas of Pakistan for the MENTAL ILLNESS !

burewala hosp


Buewala is a small town, about 300 km from Lahore, Pakistan. About 15 km from the main town is the shrine of Haji Sher. A visit to the area horrifies the soul as humans are seen ch



Hafizabad is located in Punjab Province of Pakistan 100 km from Lahore. Having a population of approximately 4 million who do not have any access to mental health services in their


THE NAROWAL PROJECT (Since February 2004)

Narowal is located towards northeast of the province of Punjab at a distance of 125 km from Lahore, Pakistan. It has a population of approximately 1.4 million, who had no access to



Dr. Irum Bokhary Member
Future Plans

Though the resources are meagre, our spirits remain high and we are currently in the process of exploring the possibility of raising our resources. We ...

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Our Goals

Providing facilities for educating and increasing public awareness in the field of psychiatry/clinical psychology and counteract the stigma ‘Men ...


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Working of Mind

MIND is administered through a Board of Governors and an Executive Committee, which along with an Inner Working Groupd and a large number of associate ...


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MIND Events

Board of Governors

The members of Board of Governors consist of dedicated and prominent people from all walks of life. The meetings are held once every four months in which important decisions are made and future plans are discussed.

Dr. Saad B. Malik

Prof Dr. Sa’ad B. Malik

Ms. Shaheen Attiq  ur Rehman Member BOG

Ms. Shaheen Atiq ur Rehman

Mrs. Sohail Mannan Member BOG

Mrs. Sohail Mannan

Mrs. Rehana Mehmood Ali

Mrs. Rehana Mahmood Ali

Mr. Muhammad Akram Sheikh Member BOG

Mr. Muhammad Akram Sheikh

Mr. Mehmood A. Khan Member BOG

Mr. Mehmood A. Khan

Mr. Ajmal Asghar

Mr. Ajmal Asghar


  • Free Consultation and Medication.

  • Reduce Stigma attached to Psychiatric illness.

  • Protect the rights of Psychiatric patients.


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